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Pro Gold i2 with SingleEntry for Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker®

Taro Systems’ Interface between Pro Gold i2 and CREST EDGSM has received Quality Assurance Sign-off for Coldwell Banker® System Affiliates

Taro Systems, Inc. announced today that Coldwell Banker has completed full CREST EDG(SM) 3rd party XML integration testing with Taro Systems' Pro Gold i2 real estate software. The Coldwell Banker has formally signed off on the back office XML communications between CREST EDG(SM) and Pro Gold i2 for all Coldwell Banker offices.

All data processed by Taro Systems' Pro Gold i2, including Transactional (Residential, Commercial, and Other Income), Person, Office, Media, and static code tables, were covered during the CREST EDG(SM) 3rd party XML integration testing effort.

Coldwell Banker Calabro was the first Coldwell Banker affiliate to implement Pro Gold i2 with the CREST EDG(SM) integration, commonly known as Pro Gold i2 with SingleEntry, Single Source(SM). 

What advantages does Pro Gold i2 with SingleEntry offer Coldwell Banker affiliates such as Coldwell Banker Hubbell Briarwood of Lansing Michigan(a customer of over 25 years):

  1. Streamlines the listing data entry process
  2. Eliminates duplicate data entry points
  3. Reduces the possibility of human error
  4. Increases the consistency of data (i.e. make a change in the MLS listing data, and it will automatically change the same data field in Pro Gold i2 and CREST EDGSM)
  5. Meets and exceeds all CREST EDGSM reporting requirements

Pro Gold XP with SingleEntry, Single Source(SM)
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Coldwell Banker

affiliates can enter property information and photos into their MLS and have Pro Gold i2 automatically send it onto CREST EDG(SM), thus eliminating the need for duplicate data entry into CREST EDG(SM).

What makes this Pro Gold i2 with SingleEntry, Single Source(SM) unique is that it integrates all aspects of the affiliate office, from MLS, to corporate franchise reporting, all accounting functions, integration to the company web site, and even a remote login for homeowners and sales associates.

A true SingleEntry, Single Source(SM) system is now a reality for all Coldwell Banker offices...Pro Gold i2 front & back office real estate software.

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